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Shoulder Surgery Can Be Such A Pain In The Neck

Surgery of any kind is never a pleasant experience and how you recover is really up to the care you take of yourself during the recuperation period. The right choice in surgeon is obviously a deciding factor. He or she will usually have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the proper after care procedures and aids to help you quickly recover with as little discomfort as possible.

Shoulder surgery is probably one of the most painful. Your shoulders are used in almost every action your make. Even an involuntary cough can have you in fits of pain. Ensuring that you properly care for your shoulder during the recovery period and one of the most important factors in this is keeping your shoulder properly secured to prevent any sudden moves that may affect the healing process.

What to wear after shoulder surgery is a question that you should ask your surgeon or caregiver directly after your procedure to ensure that the process begins on the right foot. Your professional will best be able to offer you medical advice and put you on the path to wellness before you know it.

Whatever you do, don’t disregard the information provided by your doctor. Yes, it may be costly but isn’t your health worth a little effort. Your shoulders may have to carry proverbial loads during the course of daily living, do you really want those shoulders to be a weak point?

Just think, if you take heed to your doctor’s advice, you’ll be back in the saddle quicker than you can say Jack Frost. Recover from shoulder surgery doesn’t have to be such a pain the neck and really doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process at all. Follow the right procedures, do your rehabilitation exercises and wear the protective gear and you can rest assured that once healed, your shoulder won’t give you an ounce of trouble. Isn’t that what you want? We aren’t super heroes after all, rest and following the doctor’s orders will get you far and that much closer to a healthy physique.

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Feeling The Heat?

Being a woman is a complicated and sometimes uncomfortable experience. When you think hormone replacement therapy for women I am sure you instantly think of menopause, I know that springs to my mind extremely fast. I have witnessed what a trying period this can be for any woman to endure and how hormone replacement made the transition a little easier.

A few years back my mother was forced into early menopause due to an emergency hysterectomy. Her body didn’t have time to adjust to the changes slowly. Instead she was thrown into the middle of a storm of hormones that drove her close to insanity. One minute she was bundled up and the next she was stripping the clothes off. She constantly carried a water spray bottle and hand fan around with her for those times when it felt like an oven door had been opened up onto her. It was painful to watch and very uncomfortable for her to endure.

Although normally light hearted and easy going, she turned into this monster. She became a real life Jekyll and Hyde and that is no joke. Her moods were like a pendulum swinging one way and then the next. She was constantly tired and lethargic and obviously began to gain wait which threw her into a bit of depression.

As much as she tried to avoid hormone replacement therapy it all became a little too much to bear and she succumbed. The changes in her once she began the treatment were almost immediate. She began to suffer from the dreaded hot flushes less and less and very soon she was back to her energetic self. The easy going nature was back and the monster had been buried.

While so much has been said against it you can’t really knock it until you are in a situation where you need it. Ask my mother if you care to. She was really against the treatment for a number of reasons which were her own personal ones but at the end of the day she is a happier person for taking the step towards treatment. I think she would be a poster girl for the treatment these days with pleasure.