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Improving Feet Biometrics and the Lower Extremity Kinetic Chain

If you have to be on your feet for your job you know how painful feet can sometimes start to feel. It might not be enough to massage your feet by your lonesome after the day is done. You need something to put your full weight on while you work so you can deal with the taxing effect of gravity more effectively. You can use custom orthotics that fit your feet to help your day go by much less painfully.

Foot Conditions Perfect for Orthotics or Arch Support

You might not be on your feet all day and may be sitting in a chair which can make your feet fall asleep. You might need that extra cushioning to give yourself something more supportive than the floor and shoes by themselves can’t offer.

If you suffer from heel spurs, chronic arch strain, hammer or claw toes, calluses or Achilles tendonitis, then custom made orthotics will be very helpful. You will also find that applying these inserts to your shoes will allow you the mobility you desire without the pain that keeps you from running or exercising properly.

Checking out your online options is the best way to see what your orthotics Toronto specialists are and planning accordingly.

The Kinetic Chain

The Kinetic chain is the notion that when part of the foot is in engaged the entirety of the leg, knee and ankle including the joints are affected. Without taking into account the entire kinetic chain orthotic patients are often prescribed solutions that only partially treat their ailments. There’s more to knee pain than one single factor and ignoring the kinetic chain can create problems down the road.

By observing how a person is running, what kind of shoes they’re wearing, and how they are spending their day at work will all play into what sort of orthotic solution will be recommended.